The two-level pig price in the north and the south is seriously divided

Recently, the price of pigs has been a few joys. On the one hand, the weather is getting better. In the south, bacon and sausage are used. The peak of pork consumption is coming, the circulation of valuable pigs is limited, and the difficulty of transportation of pigs in the field is increased. On the other hand, the pigs are transferred out. District, the embargo of the epidemic caused the pig price to fall, and the farmers were worried.
Today's pig price from the network shows that the price of ternary live pigs outside the country today is about 6.8 yuan / kg, Sichuan and Chongqing leading pig prices reached 8.5 yuan / kg or more, there is an upward trend, while the price of pigs in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other places Dropped nearly 5 yuan / kg mark, the Internet even came up with an open letter to the Shanxi People's Government, waiting for someone to come forward to solve the problem of pigs selling pigs.
From the perspective of the layout of pig breeding in recent years in China, the southern pigs are raised, the pigs in the south and some developed areas are reduced, and the pigs that are lacking in the southern pork consumption provinces are transported from the farming areas such as the north. The transportation was blocked, and the number of pigs to be slaughtered in the breeding area increased. The local market could not digest so many pigs, and the pig price was forced to fall. The pig farmers could only choose to press the bar and then press the bar, thus triggering a chain reaction.
Most of the farms that are forced to be fenced are small and medium-sized pig farms. The typical characteristics of such farms are that the capital chain is tense. All the family members of the family are pressed against the pigs. Borrowing money in raising pigs, waiting for the pigs to pay off the pigs, the pigs can't sell them, and the pigs can't be sold. The more they grow, the bigger the feed, the more they eat. Once the stock feed is finished, no cash continues to buy the feed. It is difficult to bear such a large risk of arrears; there is also a hope that the price of pigs will rise and the epidemic may occur at any time. Under various pressures, the mentality of pig farmers is close to collapse.
In this difficult period, it is expected that relevant departments and organizations can find ways to help pig friends solve problems; farmers and distributors, feed manufacturers, and slaughter enterprises can understand each other more; do not believe in rumors, eat more pork, and promote consumption. Help pig farmers get through this difficult time.


The two-level pig price in the north and the south is seriously divided

Recently, the price of pigs has been a few joys. On the one hand, the weather is getting better.

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