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Severe polarization of pig prices in the north and south, leading to early slaughter of pigs by farmers for self rescue

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2023/06/30 11:14

The recent pig prices have brought joy and sorrow to several households. On the one hand, the weather has improved, and due to the production of preserved meat and sausages in the southern region, the peak consumption of pork has arrived. The circulation of valuable live pigs is limited, and the difficulty of transporting pig sources from other areas has increased; On one hand, live pigs have been transferred out of the region, and the pandemic embargo has led to a decrease in pig prices, causing concern among farmers.
Today's pig prices from the internet show that the domestic and international prices for three yuan live pigs are around 6.8 yuan/jin. Sichuan and Chongqing are leading the way in pig prices, reaching over 8.5 yuan/jin, with an upward trend. However, pig prices in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other places have dropped by nearly 5 yuan/jin, and even an open letter to the Shanxi People's Government has appeared online, waiting for someone to come forward and solve the problem of selling pigs on pig farms.
From the layout of pig farming in China in recent years, it can be seen that the number of pigs raised in the south and north has decreased in the south and some developed areas. The shortage of pig sources in the southern pork consumption provinces relies on transportation from the north and other breeding concentrated areas. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the transportation of pigs has been hindered, and the number of pigs waiting to be sold in the breeding areas has increased. The local market cannot digest so many pigs, and pig prices have been forced to decline. Pig farmers can only choose to sell them in order to sell them, This triggers a chain reaction.
Most of these forced pig farms are small and medium-sized, with a typical characteristic of tight financial chains. All the family's assets are on the pigs, not the pig farms that owe money for feed and veterinary medicine. They borrow money to raise pigs and wait for them to be sold before paying back. The pigs cannot be sold, and they become cattle and pigs. As they grow larger, they eat more and more feed. Once the stock of feed is depleted, there is no cash to continue purchasing feed, Dealers also find it difficult to bear such a large debt risk; There is also a hopeless increase in pig prices and the possibility of an epidemic at any time, under various pressures, the mentality of pig farmers is approaching collapse.
In this difficult period, we hope that relevant departments and organizations can find more ways to help Pig Friends solve some problems; Farmers, distributors, feed manufacturers, and slaughterhouses can have a better understanding of each other; Don't take rumors lightly, eat more pork, promote consumption, and help pig farmers overcome this difficulty.

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