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In 2019, animal husbandry ushered in fusion
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In 2019, animal husbandry ushered in fusion

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Recently, the Press Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a press conference to report on the economic operation of the agricultural and rural areas in the first quarter of this year and answered questions from reporters.
The livestock industry is about to merge! 1) Actively and steadily promote the transfer of livestock and poultry breeding to areas with large environmental carrying capacity and major grain producing areas; 2) Move pigs to the north and west, and increase the spread of laying hens to the south; 3) Continue to promote livestock and poultry standardization Demonstration creation, vigorously develop standardized scale farming.
The following is a textual record:
Reporter: I would like to ask Secretary Wang a question. In the past two years, our Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has vigorously promoted the structural adjustment of the animal husbandry and achieved some positive results. What is the current progress of our work? What are the specific plans for the next step? Thank you.
Wang Junxun, deputy director of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: First of all, thank you for your concern for the animal husbandry. In recent years, the animal husbandry industry has been working hard in the direction of structural adjustment, and is constantly pushing forward with market and problem-oriented. After these efforts, three positive changes have taken place:
First, the regional structure is optimized. It strengthened planning guidance and policy guidance, and actively and steadily promoted the transfer of livestock and poultry breeding to areas with large environmental carrying capacity and major grain producing areas.
What has been particularly prominent in recent years is that pig farming has moved northward and westward, and the expansion of laying hens has become a trend. In the water network area, the live pigs have been reduced by 23 million heads, and the density of culture and the intensity of culture have declined. The situation of long-distance calls to eggs in the South is also gradually improving.
Judging from the situation in the first quarter, due to the sluggish price of live pigs, the adjustment and transfer of pig production capacity continued, and the number of sows that were able to survive was lower than that of the same period of the previous year.
Second, the industrial structure has been optimized. Continue to promote the establishment of standardized demonstration of livestock and poultry, vigorously develop standardized scale farming, the scale of livestock and poultry farming reached 58%, and the animal husbandry achieved a historic transformation from decentralized farming to large-scale farming.
The pilot area of ​​grain reform has reached more than 13 million mu, and the new breeding relationship has been accelerated. The utilization of livestock and poultry farming waste has been accelerated. The animal husbandry industry is developing in the direction of water saving, grain saving and land saving, combining farming and breeding, and green development. Become a new guide.
Judging from the situation last year and the first quarter of this year, despite the ups and downs of the market, the production capacity of livestock products is generally stable, which fully shows that the role of the “ballast stone” of the scale operation entity is gradually emerging.
Third, the product structure has been optimized, the structure of meat and egg milk has been continuously adjusted, and the dairy industry is gradually moving toward the direction of comprehensive revitalization. The high-quality animal husbandry has developed rapidly. The proportion of pork in meat fell to 62%, which is closer to the market demand. From the first quarter, raw milk production increased slightly year-on-year, and beef and mutton production and sales were booming.
At the same time, the quality and safety level of animal products are also constantly improving. The pass rate of illicit additives such as melamine in raw milk is kept at 100% for a long time. The pass rate of national feed products sampling reached 97.4%.
From the next step, we will follow the requirements of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side to improve the labor productivity, resource utilization, and livestock productivity of the livestock industry, and further transform the mode, adjust the structure, and improve the quality of the livestock products. Supply quality and level.
1. Continue to promote the adjustment of industrial layout, based on the carrying capacity of resources and environment, continue to promote the formation of a new pattern of rational distribution of live pigs, laying hens, beef cattle, and mutton sheep, and efficient use of resources.
2. Demonstration leads the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and continues to do a good job in the demonstration and establishment of livestock and poultry standardization, focusing on pigs and cows, taking into account the featured livestock species, and creating demonstration farms.
3. Vigorously develop high-quality animal husbandry, adapt to the requirements of market consumption transformation, and support the market of stable growth of bees, horses, donkeys, dairy goats and rabbits, and develop potential products with market demand.
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